maandag 12 oktober 2015

Pinterest Monday

Hi girls today I'm wearing a floral dress from an older Tante Betsy collection.
I found it at Tante Betsy's Pinterest page, it's from the wintercollection 2012/2013. I bought it second hand in May and I love to wear it. 
These pictures I made about a week ago, but at the last picture I share in this blogpost you can see it peep out of my hoodie ;). 

Tante Betsy's Pinterest page is a great way to find out how a dress from an older collection looks on a model.
If you are just new to the brand Tante Betsy I warn you, you will see loads of great dresses and you want them all on your wishlist ;). 

We are lucky in the Netherlands that we can buy these dresses second hand, sometimes you even find brand new dresses with the tag on it. 
There is a Tante Betsy outlet who sells older models, the dresses are brand new. It's in Zeewolde, Oude Bieb kledingzolder. 
But even the Danish women buy and sell their dresses on a Facebook group 'We love Tante Betsy'. 

Back to Pinterest, you can also search for 'Tante Betsy' and find even more models, because Tante Betsy doesn't have all her dresses on her Pinterest page.
 You may even find my dresses...I see that I need to update my pins. 

Allright girls I'm going to wish you a great evening, I'm going to upload a picture on Facebook, on Instagram and add a few pins. 
This was me this afternoon ready to do some grocery shopping, I put on my Pink Tante Betsy hoodie and the crochet shawl made by Ambela

Lots of love from Susan

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Great shawl! I love pink/red combinations :-D

    1. Oh I love this shawl made by Ambela. And I do love pink/red combo's too :). Big hugs!


Thanks Tante Betsy girls voor jullie reacties, ik lees ze altijd met plezier :D.
Lots of love from Susan

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