woensdag 28 oktober 2015

Pantalone Wednesday

Today it was shopping day at Pantalone in Eindhoven. I was allready looking forward to this day for weeks ;). Finally we could make an appointment (me and my daughter ;)). 

I had a great time fitting lots of Tante Betsy dresses. 
There was one dress I really wanted to buy, Tika Black, but they didn't have that model :(.  
They did have the same print but not in a model which suits ladies with a big rack :p whahaha. 

My daughter made pictures of every dress for me. So you can take a look how they look like. 
My second choice was to buy a green dress because I only have one other green Tante Betsy dress with long sleeves.
But my final choice was for Dress Trixie which is Petrol Blue with the same print I have on Dress Anita. 

That one is the one which made me the happiest. 

There was one other dress which I liked and I love that print, Mia Black. 
But will keep it in mind for a next time. 
Mia Green or Bibi Green is also on my wishlist. I love that pattern. 

Allright girls exhausted from a day of shopping, Primark (where we first went to) was really exhausting but Pantalone gave me new energy, such a great store with wonderful employees. 

Oh before I forget about it, my daughter wrapped my dress in a cute wrappingpaper. She paid a part of the dress as a late birthday present. 
http://www.kunstvanhetkleden.nl/index.php this is the link to Pantalone's website. 

Lots of love from Susan

Ps Mariken, the owner of Pantalone, to be seen in the first picture/collage wasn't there...it's an 'older' picture which I found on their Facebook page. She was okay that I would use it. 

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  1. Reacties
    1. Ja het passen van al die jurkjes was al een feestje op zich ;). Oops I see I'm responding in Dutch whahaha. It was allready a party to try on all the Tante Betsy dresses (no not all of them, there were more Tante Betsy dresses in the store ;)). Big hugs!

  2. Super om die jurkjes te zien hoe ze staan, je moet tenslotte zeker weten waar je blij van word toch :-)
    Trixie staat jou beter als bij mij ;-)
    Leuk ingepakt, echt een kadootje.

    Lfs patricia

    1. Ja inderdaad het was echt fijn om ze eens even allemaal te passen (nou ja die ik had uitgezocht...er waren nog veel meer modelletjes) en had er wel twee willen kopen maar zoveel budget was en is er niet ;).
      Hihi de inpaktafel zagen we pas toen we naar buiten gingen...leuk toch dat je ook nog even een mooi kado ervan kunt maken. Jammer dat ie jou niet zo mooi staat. Ik ben er happy mee. Knuff!

  3. Reacties
    1. Yeahhh very lucky and happy me :D. Big hug, dikke knuffels!

  4. You made the right choice! And that Mia looks lovely on you too.
    I love the wonderfull employees at Pantalone too. Lovely ladies, honest and with a warm heart :-)

  5. what a wonderful dresses are there in the store. I really love the pepita black dress. Dress trixie looks very beautiful on you, nice collors to... love it...

    Lieve groet,dinah


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Lots of love from Susan

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