donderdag 29 oktober 2015

Happy Tante Betsy Girls Thursday

Hi girls it's time to share pictures of you girls in all your happy dresses (and skirts) of this autumn/winter collection. 

I hope you will enjoy watching these pictures just like I did. 

Sandra in the woods, she wrote "Do you see the pawprint of Guinness on my coat?". 
Oops luckely not on her new dress ;). Dress Mimi Blue also bought in that great store Pantalone in Eindhoven. 

Charlotte Hedemann from Danmark wearing Dress Love the Forrest Black

Myrans_happy_thingys wearing Dress Mia or Bibi Red, do you see that great scarf she made herself?! Wow love it!

Kysregnogvandkys from Danmark in her Dress Mia Green

Esther from the flowerfull dresses Facebook group shared this happy picture wearing Mia Black

Susanne Therkelsen also from Danmark wearing Dress Retro Go Blue

Esther Horst-Glerum shared her picture on Facebook wearing Dress Trixie and her mission was to find matching pink pumps. Mmm not an easy task to find bright colours these days. 

Allright girls I have been wearing my new dress today, Dress Trixie which I bought at Pantalone in Eindhoven and blogged about yesterday. I found my pink suède boots second hand ;). 

And the last picture from Itsmemarije, I think she is wearing Dress Bibi Green or Mia Green, now I have 9 pictures and can make a collage ;). 
Always great to share on my Facebook page and my Instagram account

Have a great night! And for you Dutch girls, you can reply in Dutch if you prefer to. 

Lots of love from Susan

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik wil ook 1 van deze jurkjes!!! (Heel misschien dit weekend. Ik ga naar mijn dochter in Leeuwarden en heb al even gekeken waar ze Tante Betsy's verkopen!!! ;-)) XX Esther

    1. Yeah!! Go go go Esther!! xxx Sandra

    2. Oh Esther hoop dat je ook een jurk gaat vinden waar je happy van wordt! Leuk shoppen in Leeuwarden en dochterlief bezoeken. Have fun! Knuff!

  2. What a fun blogpost this is! Fun and beauty in every picture... Soooo nice to see!
    But there is a mystery in it too. For me at least; Esther and you both wear a pretty Trixie. But the buttons on the neckline are positionee differently, how come? Not important, I know, but this boggled my mind :))))
    Guinness is feeling very proud to appear in your blogpost, next to the lovely dog from Denmark :-))
    Big hug,

    1. Whahaha what a great outlook you have. I have been looking down at my dress and the button is on the same position as Esther hers but my picture is taken with an app from the other side of my iPhone so maybe it makes pictures turned around or something whahhaa. Big hugs to you and Guinness.

    2. Aha!! Now I can sleep :-))))))


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