dinsdag 6 oktober 2015

Creative Tante Betsy Tuesday

Hi girls, on Instagram I found lots of great pictures with Tante Betsy dresses/skirts and I notice that lots of us girls wearing happy Tante Betsy dresses are very creative. 
So today I want to share those creative minds with you girls. 

I'm also creative and make my own jewelry so they match with my lovely Tante Betsy dresses. 
I love bright colours and I love gemstones and the power of them, so I try to combine both in a necklace combined with my love for classic Mini Coopers. I blog about them at http://365dagencreatief.blogspot.nl/

I've seen lots of beautiful crochet work with vibrant colours and beautiful patterns. I'm actually a bit jealous of your great work girls. 
So here they are, with a single picture, I keep others for another time/day ;). 
These are their Instagram names, but will try to add links to websites, when they are included in their account. 

Bites and beads

Crochetrainbowtales; she has also an Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/nl/shop/Crochetrainbowtales


Huisenhaak also on blogspot http://huisenhaak.blogspot.nl


Tantesetje, also to be found on http://tantesetje.blogspot.nl

There are others which are creative too, but the rest will follow ;). 
Do keep in mind I have a whole year of days to fill, so keep on being creative, keep on sharing and tagging me in your pictures. 
If you want to share your story and share your creative Tante Bets pictures with me (and us) you are more then welcome :). Thank you so much for sharing girls. 

Lots of love from Susan who has some new Tante Betsy dresses on the way, check out the new collection @ TanteBetsy.com http://www.tantebetsy.com/nl/

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Yeah! I've just bought my first Tante Betsy! I bought the one in the middle of the three girls standing and... -ahum- to more :-)))
    Is this how the addiction starts Susan? When do I need to seek out professional help??

    1. TWO more. Not to, whahahaaa!

    2. Whahaha uhm I don't know when to look out for professional help, I think it's allready to late for me hihi. 40 dresses since november last year. But it's different then other addictions, it makes me happy but it also makes people around me happy...that's why they are happy dresses :D.
      As long as your account is doing well, it will be okay ;).
      Because of my addiction I'm selling lots of clothes which I don't wear anymore, so money comes in and goes out...that's for me the way to do it...keep the money flowing...keep living in abundance :D.
      But looking forward to a picture of you and how this dress looks on you...did you buy it at Pantalone? Hope it makes you very happy! Big hugs from Susan

    3. Did I now understand that you bought two more dresses next to the dress Retro Go Black? Hihi...
      Uhm yess this it's how it all starts ;). Whahaha
      Big hug!


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