zaterdag 10 oktober 2015

OOTD Saturday

Outfit of the day is something new I learned this week since I'm on a Dutch Facebook group. 

It's not difficult for me to share my outfit of the day because I share a Tante Betsy dress picture here every day anyway. 

And again it's good to hear that other women are happy to see how a certain Tante Betsy dress looks like on someone like me. 

So I hope you girls keep on/start sharing your OOTD on Instagram or Facebook. 
To see how it looks like, how you combine it...other women surely appreciate it. 

Today I'm wearing dress Mimi Red again, from the recent collection of Tante Betsy.
Combined with a pink legging and a pair of Neosens boots and with jewelry made by myself (except the rings ;)). 
And tonight I was also wearing my pink Tante Betsy hoody vest (as you can see on the picture of me next to the halloween billboard of the Villains). 

And Sandra I showed my husband a picture of you in your Retro Go Black dress and my husband likes that one too :). 
Mostly he doesn't give any comments on how a dress looks like, this was the first time ;). 
It doesn't matter to him, he always says you have to feel happy in that dress. And he is right and I definitely feel happy in my Tante Betsy dresses. 

These two OOTD's of Anneleen I found on the Facebook group and she was okay that I share them over here :). I have also seen some other great outfits but this is a Tante Betsy blog so I only share those ;). 

Lots of love from Susan

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey! That's so nice to hear! Thank you dear husband of sweet Susan!
    My OOTD actually wás that Retro Go Black dress! Combined with a black legging, short petrol boots and a black cardigan (It was cold today... Brrr...). Hmmmm.... I should have taken a picture. But I'm not that good at selfies as you are :-)))
    Have a nice evening and a lovely Sunny Sunday!!
    Sandra xxx

    1. P.S. Lovely earrings Anneleen!

    2. Hi dear Sandra hihi I'm also not good in making selfies, so that's why I asked a selfie stick for last christmas ;).
      But now I put the phoneholder of the selfiestick on the tripod (statief ;)) and with an app I make pictures of myself of my complete outfit :).
      My husband doesn't like to make pictures on request, so this is a good option :D.
      Your OOTD sounds like a great outfit, I can picture it ;). Big hugs to you and have a great sunday!


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Lots of love from Susan

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