woensdag 7 oktober 2015

Happiness in a dress Wednesday

Like you all know Tante Betsy dresses make you happy. 
Today I received two new dresses and wow they are beautiful and they make me really happy. 
Dress Anita is just stunning, I love this model, I have lots of Tante Betsy dresses like this model, 22 out of 40 Tante Betsy dresses ;).
I love the print, the blue and green print on this black dress is beautiful and make it a really colourful dress. 

But it also makes me very happy to see blogfriend Sandra http://beautifulboardwalk.blogspot.nl/ who also bought some great Tante Betsy dresses from the new collection. 
She went to Pantalone, it's a great shop in Eindhoven and they have a wide collection of all kinds of brands, http://www.kunstvanhetkleden.nl/ is their website. 
On this picture is Mariken, the owner, she is also wearing a Tante Betsy dress :). 

It's Sandra's very first Tante Betsy dress and she preferred to fit them on to see how they suit her and they suit her perfect!
This is dress Retro Go Black, doesn't she look great in it?

And dress Mimi Blue also looks great on her! The print is great, flowers combined with polkadots. 

And I have a confession to make it also looks good on me ;). 
I've got the same dress in Red (Mimi Red)...it's not even in the webshop of Tante Betsy...but she send it to me. 
So happy with it, in fact I even switched my outfit today and kept it on.
Red is one of my favourite colours and this one is combined with pink which is also one of my favourite colours :). 

If you want to buy one of these dresses, go to Tante Betsy her webshop (click on the link on the right side of my blog) or to one of the other shops, like Pantalone, maybe there is one near to your home town to fit them on. But you have to be quick, they go fast! http://www.tantebetsy.com/nl/verkooppunten

Lots of love from Susan

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, great dresses ! My favorite is the red one . I love to see how the dresses fits the other girls/lady's. Looking good !
    hugs patricia

    1. Yeah Patricia I heard that comment before. It's sometimes really nice to see how a certain dress looks on someone else with the same figure. Big hug!

  2. Great to see Sandra in a Tante Betsy. The dresses look great on both of you!! XX Esther

    1. Yeah so good to see how they look on her, she looks great in them. Today I'm wearing dress Anita and so happy with it. Big hugs!

  3. Yeah! We're the Mimi-sisters! :-)))
    Lóve that red & pink, lucky girl!!
    And the 'Anita' suits you great too. It's very... Eh... 'Sprekend'. What's the correct translationn... Dunno... But it makes you sparkle!
    I'm so happy with my first Tante Betsy dresses. I'm sure there will be more in the future, if the collections are as nice every season!

    1. Whahaha the Mimi sisters and the same size too. Wearing Large these days ;). Yeah so happy that you are happy with your dresses :D. Enjoy them! Big hugs!


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Lots of love from Susan

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