zaterdag 31 oktober 2015

Pink Saturday

Hi girls a short blogpost, I'm preparing for my Halloween outfit for tonight. 
Today I'm wearing pink so have been looking for other happy Tante Betsy girls with pink outfits. 
Tonight I'm going to wear something completely different...will share it on my creative blog somewhere next week, probably at the end of the week ;). 

Petra her pregnant belly is showing in this picture, doesn't she look radiant?
I once bought a Tante Betsy dress from her and since than we have a very nice contact together and chat about Tante Betsy dresses ;). We contact eachother also when we see there is a dress for sale when we know the other one is looking for it ;). 

And Charlotte shared this picture with me via email, I met her on a flea market in the neighbourhood and saw a Tante Betsy dress, so I 'ran' after her and had a little talk. Later I saw her again and I asked her if she was allright that we would go on a picture together (I wasn't wearing a Tante Betsy dress that day ;)). 

Oh yes I bought myself a pair of pink rubber boots at Primark this week and also a pair of pink sneakers at the sale (in a sneakershop). 

Have a great Halloween weekend!
Lots of love from Susan

vrijdag 30 oktober 2015

Happy OOTD Friday

Hi girls sometimes I'm thinking what the hell will I make the theme of the day?!
But lately I have seen some happy Tante Betsy OOTD's and I'm going to share those with you. 

Petra is sharing her OOTD's on the joyful dresses Facebook page and I know she is okay that I share them. 
She is pregnant so hopefully she still can share her Tante Betsy OOTD's for a while. 
On this picture you can't see that well that she is pregnant, she is wearing a brown flowerful dress from an older collection of Tante Betsy. 

Esther from the same group, where are lots of King Louie dresses lovers, is bit by bit getting addicted to the happy Tante Betsy dresses too. She is sharing her Love the Forrest dress. 
And so are more of those women getting into Tante Betsy dresses, yess Tante Betsy is taking over hihi, but there are lots of other great dresses too which the girls share over there. 
You allready get happy with responding there on OOTD's and all those lovely women responding. I love it over there. No you can't join, the group is full with 300 members ;). 

Suus from the same group shared her Green Zippie dress OOTD. 

Judith shared her OOTD a black Polkadot Tante Betsy dress, also from an older collection.  

I'm not wearing a Tante Betsy dress today and must admit that I'm still in doubt about this dress. I'm to much in love with Tante Betsy ;). 
Above is my OOTD from yesterday, Dress Trixie. 
Just came back from Germany, so this blogpost is a bit later. 

Lots of Love from Susan

donderdag 29 oktober 2015

Happy Tante Betsy Girls Thursday

Hi girls it's time to share pictures of you girls in all your happy dresses (and skirts) of this autumn/winter collection. 

I hope you will enjoy watching these pictures just like I did. 

Sandra in the woods, she wrote "Do you see the pawprint of Guinness on my coat?". 
Oops luckely not on her new dress ;). Dress Mimi Blue also bought in that great store Pantalone in Eindhoven. 

Charlotte Hedemann from Danmark wearing Dress Love the Forrest Black

Myrans_happy_thingys wearing Dress Mia or Bibi Red, do you see that great scarf she made herself?! Wow love it!

Kysregnogvandkys from Danmark in her Dress Mia Green

Esther from the flowerfull dresses Facebook group shared this happy picture wearing Mia Black

Susanne Therkelsen also from Danmark wearing Dress Retro Go Blue

Esther Horst-Glerum shared her picture on Facebook wearing Dress Trixie and her mission was to find matching pink pumps. Mmm not an easy task to find bright colours these days. 

Allright girls I have been wearing my new dress today, Dress Trixie which I bought at Pantalone in Eindhoven and blogged about yesterday. I found my pink suède boots second hand ;). 

And the last picture from Itsmemarije, I think she is wearing Dress Bibi Green or Mia Green, now I have 9 pictures and can make a collage ;). 
Always great to share on my Facebook page and my Instagram account

Have a great night! And for you Dutch girls, you can reply in Dutch if you prefer to. 

Lots of love from Susan

woensdag 28 oktober 2015

Pantalone Wednesday

Today it was shopping day at Pantalone in Eindhoven. I was allready looking forward to this day for weeks ;). Finally we could make an appointment (me and my daughter ;)). 

I had a great time fitting lots of Tante Betsy dresses. 
There was one dress I really wanted to buy, Tika Black, but they didn't have that model :(.  
They did have the same print but not in a model which suits ladies with a big rack :p whahaha. 

My daughter made pictures of every dress for me. So you can take a look how they look like. 
My second choice was to buy a green dress because I only have one other green Tante Betsy dress with long sleeves.
But my final choice was for Dress Trixie which is Petrol Blue with the same print I have on Dress Anita. 

That one is the one which made me the happiest. 

There was one other dress which I liked and I love that print, Mia Black. 
But will keep it in mind for a next time. 
Mia Green or Bibi Green is also on my wishlist. I love that pattern. 

Allright girls exhausted from a day of shopping, Primark (where we first went to) was really exhausting but Pantalone gave me new energy, such a great store with wonderful employees. 

Oh before I forget about it, my daughter wrapped my dress in a cute wrappingpaper. She paid a part of the dress as a late birthday present. this is the link to Pantalone's website. 

Lots of love from Susan

Ps Mariken, the owner of Pantalone, to be seen in the first picture/collage wasn't's an 'older' picture which I found on their Facebook page. She was okay that I would use it. 

dinsdag 27 oktober 2015

Thankful Tuesday

Hi girls I'm sorry today just a very short blogpost. 
I call it Thankful Tuesday because today I spend some time with my daughter, she had some extra time and wanted to spend it with her mom. 
So very thankful for the bond I have with my daughter. 

Tomorrow we are going shopping together in Eindhoven, Sandra knows where I will be heading ;).  
I'm looking forward to more qualitytime together and to shopping in a great store with loads of great dresses :). 

Lots of love from Susan

maandag 26 oktober 2015

Blue Monday

Hi girls for me today was a blue monday, no I wasn't feeling blue, but just being really tiered and not getting enough sleep these days. 
And I am wearing a blue Tante Betsy dress today, dress Rosemary Blue. 

I have been looking through my pictures to see what I'm going to share today. 
I saw more blue Tante Betsy dresses of me and decided that I'm going to share those. 

This dress is a dress I wear only around the house to do some gardening and some painting etc. 

Dress Bouquet is actually not one of my favourite dresses but does look good on me ;). 

Dress Holiday is one of my favourite dresses. 

Botton down dress Happy Blue is also a great dress, I love wearing. 

Dress my cup of tea, a great and cute dress. Here in the royal palace in Brussels, it was a rainy day. 

This dress is also a cute summer dress with polkadots. 

This roses dress with polkadots is also a dress I love, I bought it from Petra :). 

This is a sneakpeak of my blue polkadot dress, I haven't been wearing it yet, I bought it a couple of weeks ago. I bought the same dress in new condition in April...that dress got lost in the mail :(. 
This dress is not in new condition, but I'm happy I could score it again.  

Lots of love from Susan

zondag 25 oktober 2015

Lazy Sunday

Hi girls today is a lazy sunday

Taking it easy

Drinking a cup of tea

Eating sweet things

Okay I did put up some laundry at the attic

Have a great sunday evening! 
Pics are promotional pictures from Tante Betsy herself, only one pic is from Charlotte with that delicious apple pie. Thanks Charlotte for sharing it and thanks Tante Betsy for all your great dresses you design and produce for us, they make us feel good and look good! Big hugs to you!

Lots of love from Susan

zaterdag 24 oktober 2015

OOTD Saturday

Hi girls I tried to get some Tante Betsy OOTD pictures via Facebook, my own Facebookpage and the 'we love Tante Betsy' group and also via another group with all kinds of great dresses. 
I shared my own OOTD, Dress Love the Forrest black.

Two women replied and shared their picture with me, with us. 
Jette Olsen from Danemark (from the We love Tante Betsy group) shared her OOTD, a great Tante Betsy dress, love it. It looks really good on her! Thanks so much for sharing it!

And on my 365 days of happy Tante Betsy dresses Facebook page, Bianca Elzinga shared her OOTD. 
Dress Bibi Black, also a great picture. Love that neckline, I have the same dress in Red and love it. 

Allright girls this time a short blogpost. If you did wear a Tante Betsy outfit today, post in on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram...forgot to ask over there for OOTD pictures. 

Lots of love from Susan

vrijdag 23 oktober 2015

Black Friday

No girls you haven't missed it yet, thé famous Black Friday. 
But today I'm wearing Dress Betsy Black and would like to share it with you. It's from the summer 2015 collection. I'm wearing a black longsleeved top underneath it. 

I love this button down dress, it's one of my favourites. 
Okay I have to admit with 44 happy Tante Betsy dresses (yes you read it correctly ;)) there are lots of favourite dresses...whahaha. 
But do love this one and I notice that I tend to like all the black dresses from Tante Betsy's wintercollection. 

I would have loved to order dress Tika Black, it's still on my wishlist and I hope it's still there when I have some budget. 
Esther from the Facebook dresses group did order it and it looks great on her. 

Twiggy Black is also so cute...but I decided for Dress Love the Forrest Black as you know. But you never know which dresses are going to cross my path ;). 

In the second picture you can see me sitting at a sewingmachine (at work) and closing the buttondown dress I bought from Patricia, it was to big on her and to short. 
I have the same one allready but in size XL, it was to big on me and to long...I sold it to my friend Pascalle ;). That one was allready closed and has also smaller buttons. 

Further going to share some Black Tante Betsy dresses with you girls. Love all your great pics, thank you so much for sharing them!





Have a great weekend!
Lots of love from Susan