vrijdag 23 oktober 2015

Black Friday

No girls you haven't missed it yet, thé famous Black Friday. 
But today I'm wearing Dress Betsy Black and would like to share it with you. It's from the summer 2015 collection. I'm wearing a black longsleeved top underneath it. 

I love this button down dress, it's one of my favourites. 
Okay I have to admit with 44 happy Tante Betsy dresses (yes you read it correctly ;)) there are lots of favourite dresses...whahaha. 
But do love this one and I notice that I tend to like all the black dresses from Tante Betsy's wintercollection. 

I would have loved to order dress Tika Black, it's still on my wishlist and I hope it's still there when I have some budget. 
Esther from the Facebook dresses group did order it and it looks great on her. 

Twiggy Black is also so cute...but I decided for Dress Love the Forrest Black as you know. But you never know which dresses are going to cross my path ;). 

In the second picture you can see me sitting at a sewingmachine (at work) and closing the buttondown dress I bought from Patricia, it was to big on her and to short. 
I have the same one allready but in size XL, it was to big on me and to long...I sold it to my friend Pascalle ;). That one was allready closed and has also smaller buttons. 

Further going to share some Black Tante Betsy dresses with you girls. Love all your great pics, thank you so much for sharing them!





Have a great weekend!
Lots of love from Susan

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Funny; I'm wearing black too today!
    Unfortunately not a TB dress...
    That Tika black is georgeous! Definately on my wishlist too!
    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Hihi time will come that you will be wearing more and more Tante Betsy dresses whahaha if you keep on following my blog and getting tempted every time whahaha.
      Yeah Tika black is a must have...mmm but also thinking that I might have to add some more colour to my winter wardrobe but do have 3 pink long sleeved, three blue long sleeved and one green (so definitely have to do something on that amount whahaha), oh and I have three red long sleeved dresses... Hope to visit Pantalone real soon and but a dress over there. My daughter will come with me and will pay also a part of the dress, hope there will be some left. Big hugs!

  2. I like the black dresses also!! XX Esther

    1. Yeahhh! And you know what...They aren't only black but full of colours. Love my Betsy black with all those cute colourfull flowers :). Big hugs to you!

  3. jij in een zwarte jurk... ik moet er gewoon even aan wennen!

    1. Hihi ja Christel, zwart is toch ook echt een van mijn favoriete kleuren en de jurken van Tante Betsy zijn stuk voor stuk toch kleurrijk, vooral dit jaar is er veel fleurigs aan het zwarte toegevoegd. Ik word er happy van :). Dikke knuffels!

  4. Reacties
    1. Hihi I know, but it's a great way of having a lot of different kind of dresses in my wardrobe. I have been always been wearing black and it's one of my favourite colours too and these Tante Betsy dresses are so colourfull. Big hugs!


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Lots of love from Susan

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