dinsdag 20 oktober 2015

Love the 'black' Forrest Tuesday

Hi girls maybe you have allready read somewhere that I ordered dress Love the Forrest Black from Tante Betsy' latest collection. 
It arrived today and wow again a beautiful dress where I'm really happy with, I'm definitively going to enjoy wearing this dress. 

Today I'm not going to share other Tante Betsy pictures but some pictures from my childhood. 

I bought this dress from birthday money of both of my parents, they are not married anymore but still have contact. I found these two pictures of them in my box filled with pictures of the past. 
This one will have been made in the seventies, because I'm still quite young. I'm born in 1967 ;). 

My Tante Betsy dress Love the Forrest black reminds me also of my grandmother, who was born in Germany. Years ago I felt the energy of my grandmother when my husband and I were passing the Black Forrest 'Schwarzwald' in Germany on our way to a Mini Meeting (classic mini cooper). 

This is me and my grandmother :). The picture is not really good to see but I was allready wearing red dresses ;). 

Isn't this a cute picture of me in a field of flowers in the woods...hihihi. 

I end this blogpost with a picture of me and my brother in the woods/forrest...february 1971
I love this picture too, both wearing black...and I'm wearing red boots :D. 

Lots of love from Susan, by the way tomorrow is the announcement of the Give Away! Who is going to win the blue necklace?

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice....And this is number??? ;-))) XX Esther

    1. Whahaha uhm I lost counting...uhm 43 I think...another one on her way via MP (I hope) hihihi. Psst didn't tell my hubby yet...but on the other hand...have been organizing (still am) in a closet with old clothes and have still lots and lots of old clothes to pass through.
      And no I have never enough happy Tante Betsy dresses, they are all to cute and still have lots of them on my wishlist whahaha. Big hugs!

  2. This one is georgeous.... Me want toooooo...... :-)))
    You've got so many lovely pictures of your childhood!
    The one with you in the midst of all those white flowers is my favorite.
    And I recognized so much in the photo with your grandma....
    Owww.... Fingers crossed for your giveaway!

    1. Yeah this love the forrest black is a great dress, love it! Was wearing it yesterday again ;), couldn't resist myself :).
      I'm very lucky I come from a creative family and my father and mother loved making pictures. Love that one too :). Big hugs!


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