vrijdag 16 oktober 2015

OOTD Friday

OOTD means Outfit of the Day and today I saw a great OOTD from a Tante Betsy dress and would love to share it. 
Wendy her outfit is actually her outfit of the day for Saturday, she is going to a U2 concert in Köln, Germany. 

My OOTD is my dress Anita, wearing my birthday Dr. Martens boots from last year again, haven't been wearing them for a while. 
Underneath a dress I prefer higher boots, but wanted to show my boots to a collegue ;). 
I bought my boots in London on our holiday, my husband gave them for my birthday :D. 

Maybe you have seen that there are some new dresses in Tante Betsy's webshop? http://www.tantebetsy.com/nl/home/ 
Oh shit more dresses I like ;). 
Dress Mimi Red, the one I allready showed to you girls, is finally in the webshop. Some of you have been asking me about it ;). 

Dress Twiggy Green is also in the house :). I think it has the same wide neckline as Dress Trixie which Henrike en Raggeltje have been showing us on Instagram Thursday. And Twiggy Black too ;). 

Dress Retro Go Blue is the same dress as the Retro go Black which Sandra and Karin have been showing in yesterday's blogpost. 

Dress Ollie Green is a button down dress, you don't have to worry that you get peep wholes...only the upper three buttons are open ;). 

Mmm waiting till dress Love the Forest Black gets into the webshop and then I have to make some decisions which dress I'm going to buy. I still have some birthday money ;). But oh love them all!

Lots of love from Susan

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  1. Temptation, temptation...
    Wendy is wearing a Zippie, I think? Wendy, you look georgeous!!
    And you look great too Susan, in your OOTD! Your necklace is a perfect match.
    Love the Ollie green, with its long sleeves and touches of pink. Thanks for mentioning the lack of peep-danger :-)))

    1. Jip Wendy is wearing a zippie blue I think. Looks good on her isn't? Hihi love my Anita dress and my necklace too <3. And no peep danger in the future anymore :D. Except when you buy a summer buttondown dress somewhere from 2015 ;). Big hugs!

  2. Ha I wear today my favorite purple skirt with pink buttons
    X Es

  3. Oh, what a nice dresses. I like Trixie, mimi green, forrest mint and retro go black. But I also like skirt daisy green. And there will come hoodies, which I am very curious about. And of course my bankaccount is not sufficient for al these dresses, so I have to choose as well. Mmmmmm. And the give-away on facebook is great. But I do not have a facebook account, grrrr. And I am not going to get one just for the give-aways. I am very principle on that. I am going to choose a dress this weekend. Because my birtday money will be spend one a Tante Betsy dress. I just have to choose which one. I will let you know. May be I will but it on my blog as well.

    Have a nice weekend. Neeltje

    1. Mmm just realising that I didn't respond to this one but did in your next one ;). My dress arrived yesterday so I imagine yours too, hope you are really happy with it. Big hugs to you!

  4. So, I just bought Forrest mint. I am very curious how this one looks in real. And I received your postage. I like it very much. I will post it on my blog in the next blogpost.


    1. Yeahhh I think you made a perfect choice! You love green and this is a beautifull dress!
      And ahhh I had the same hard choice to make ;). Went for the black version :D. Big hugs!


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Lots of love from Susan

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