zondag 18 oktober 2015

These boots are made for walking Sunday

Oh girls maybe you have allready noticed that I love boots. 
I love wearing cowboy boots underneath a Tante Betsy dress, so today it's time to share them and also some other Tante Betsy dresses/skirts and boots pics from you girls. 

Lintje77 made this great picture, with the inspiration line for this blogtitle ;). Thanks so much for sharing. 

Me wearing my favourite Tante Betsy hoodie vest and my favourite boots

Me wearing Dress Bibi Red and my white boots

Me wearing Dress Anita and my Dr. Martens boots


Me wearing my Neonsens boots

Me wearing pink boots

Me wearing Dress Anita and new pink suède boots

This is me today wearing Dress Betsy Black and again my favourite boots

Allright girls my husband is waiting for me to watch tv together, another day more pics. 

Lots of love from Susan

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I love Allstars under tante Betsy :) or....El Naturalista's
    X Es

    1. This year I also bought some sneakers to combine with my Tante Betsy dresses. So can imagine your Allstars looking great underneath the happy dresses and have to look at El Naturalista's...maybe better not before I get a new addiction whahaha. Big hugs!


Thanks Tante Betsy girls voor jullie reacties, ik lees ze altijd met plezier :D.
Lots of love from Susan

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