dinsdag 3 november 2015

Creative Tuesday

Hi girls I've been creative this afternoon, I have been making a toy wreath. 
It was fun making it and it tastes like more. I'm wearing my Betsy Black dress today. 
Haven't been making a full picture, forgot about it, but did make a picture while I was on my bike to show my new leggings (was a panty...mmm don't know the exact word in English). 

Last week/weekend there was a fair in Utrecht, Kreadoe and I bumped into several Tante Betsy pictures from the byClaire promoteam http://www.byclaire.eu/
The byClaire promoteam got several dresses sponsored by Hippest Fashion https://www.hippest-fashion.nl/

byClaire is wearing Ollie Green in these pictures

Ingrid68 http://studio92designs.blogspot.nl/ is wearing also a Tante Betsy dress, I think it's Bibi Green. 

Then there is also another Ingrid, Ingrid_leukgemaakt http://leukgemaakt.blogspot.nl/ she is wearing dress Trixie. 

Last but not least I'm going to share pictures of Saskia_saarenmien http://www.bijsaarenmien.blogspot.nl/ she is wearing Dress Tika Black, she is not from the promo team but she is co-autor from a crochet book together with Claire. 
In the collage there is also a picture of Essspecialy together with Saskia, she made that great dress herself! http://www.essspecially.nl/

Don't all the girls/creative women look good in their Tante Betsy dresses? Love these creative and happy pics. Thanks girls for sharing them and being okay that I share them on my blog :). 

Lots of love from Susan

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Love this ceative post!!
    Sorry for this short message, I'm crocheting! :-))))))

    1. Hihihi that's okay Sandra, it was creative tuesday after all ;) whahaha. Looking forward what you are making. Big hugs!


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Lots of love from Susan

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