vrijdag 6 november 2015

Black Friday

Yeahhh it's Black Friday again! I keep on bumping into Tante Betsy pictures of you girls wearing black dresses, so just need to make a Black Friday out of it ;). 

First I bumped into an OOTD picture of Patricia, OOTM she called it because she only had been wearing this dress in the morning :). 
She scored this dress recently, it's one from an older collection, but wow it looks good on her!

I have a new follower on Instagram, sneeuwwitje_haakt, she said I could use her profile picture, so started following her and look this is her very first Tante Betsy dress! 
And it's looking good on her, this dress of Tante Betsy's new collection, is just a stunning dress. Dress Love the Forrest black, I was wearing it yesterday ;). 

And then we have Esther_eva, I shared two pictures of her yesterday and I just clicked on her profile, angels must have been whispering in my ears...and it's her birthday today and she is wearing a Tante Betsy dress! Also with the trees print, but in another model. Have to look how it's called...Dress Tree black. 
Happy Birthday Esther! Hope you are having a great day!
There was another picture in her birthday dress together with her daughters, but first I want to have approval before I share that one. 

Yesterday when I was looking at Raggeltje's Instagram profile what the name of her dog was, I bumped into this great picture of her, in her Dress Betsy Black.

And very early this morning I bumped into pictures of the new Tante Betsy hoodies at Mevrouw Janne her Facebook page, Petra tagged me into it ;). http://www.mevrouwjanne.nl/
Mevrouw Janne is a store in Enschede, Petra goes shopping over there for her Tante Betsy dresses and other brands :). 
I haven't seen the hoodies dresses on Tante Betsy's webshop yet, but I'm sure they will be there really soon, maybe even tonight. http://www.tantebetsy.com/nl/home/
You can always click on the Tante Betsy image on the right side on my blog if you want to visit her webshop, so Tante Betsy knows you are coming via me :). 

This is the collage which I will be sharing on Facebook and Instagram.

Have a great weekend girls! Lots of love from Susan

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Happy birthday Esther!! You look fabulous!
    And your birthday cake... Wow... a piece of art!
    Thanks for your hoodie-tip Susan! I'll check Tante's site regularly.

    1. Hihi yeah that birthday cake in front of Esther is so cute, to beautiful to eat but I'm sure they will have enjoyed it. Maybe Pantalone had them in their shop allready ;). Big hugs!


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Lots of love from Susan

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