woensdag 30 september 2015

Shop till you drop Wednesday

Whahaha my blogtitle implies that I've been shopping and came home with lots of bags but since I'm addicted to Tante Betsy dresses, I mostly shop online.
I don't wear anything else than Tante Betsy dresses, okay a pair of leggings in a bright colour is something I always look out for when I'm shopping in real life stores, or a cute top or vest...a pair of boots...you get the picture.

But you can also buy Tante Betsy dresses in real life stores, in the south of the Netherlands where I live, the nearest store which sells Tante Betsy dresses is in Venlo. 
But I prefer to go a bit further and visit Pantalone in Eindhoven. 
I visited them once I loved shopping over there, I was actually shopping for another dress, but next time I will definitely be looking/shopping for Tante Betsy dresses ;). 

More Tante Betsy stores you can find on Tante Betsy's webshop at this link http://www.tantebetsy.com/nl/verkooppunten
and wow what do I see an update with lots of stores to choose from and also in Danmark.
I even see one in my birthtown...Maastricht...yeahhh!
Tante Betsy herselves ships worldwide by the way. 

There are more dresses to come in Tante Betsy's webshop (these above will be there this week ;)) also vests and hoodies I read on Tante Betsy's Facebook page...yeah love the hoodie vests!
Love the long sweatshirt vests, they are a great quality and I wear them these days on a daily basis.

Today I'm wearing a blue legging or actually I made a legging from kids thermo tights from the 'Action', size 164/170, normally I need a Large or an XL in legging which I buy in Germany.
I couldn't resist myself and put on my latest Tante Betsy dress, dress Bibi Red, I love it and it matches perfectly with the legging and my Tante Betsy sweatervest. 

Have a great evening girls! Tomorrow I will share some great Instagram pictures. 

Today there was better light than last night ;). 

Lots of love from Susan

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Great dress. It suits you well!

    I really love the new collection, but I am still waiting for more green in it. I read that some green items will come at the end of October. And because my bankaccount isn't sufficient for all dressess, I really need to pick one or two. And leave it with that for now. But I saw some nice skirts as well. And some matching hoodies will come, So I do not know what to pick, aaahhhh.

    As soon as I made up my mind, I will let you know.



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Lots of love from Susan

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