zaterdag 26 september 2015

Flowerfull Saturday

Today I'm wearing a blue flowerfull dress of Tante Betsy, dress Bouquet.
I haven't been wearing this one for a long time but it's a great dress from an older collection. 

I love flowerprints and I'm happy that Tante Betsy keeps on designing dresses with flowerprints. 

Especially for this picture I put my recently washed Tante Betsy dresses outside in the sun, for a beautifull background...there are not that many flowers in our garden anymore ;). 

These pictures of me are made by myself ;), not with a selfie stick anymore but with the holder of my iPhone on a tripod. A great solution to get better pictures of my whole outfit :). 

Did you see that the first dresses and skirts from the autumn/wintercollection are online in Tante Betsy's webshop?
I picked a beautifull dress, you will soon see which one I picked. 

It wasn't an easy choice, love the Bibi dresses, love the wide neckline (don't know if that's the right word), they suit me well.

Dress Mia Green is also one of my favourites...

But my heart went out to this black one (on the left), but it's not in the webshop yet, so I will have to be a bit more patient. 
Allthough I can imagine that when this model comes into Tante Betsy's webshop, I will also fall in love with the other colours ;) whahaha.

Have a great weekend!
Lots of love from Susan

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Great solution to make pretty pics!
    Looking lovely (as always)!

    1. Yeah I'm really happy that the phone holder of the selfie stick fitted on the tripod. It's a great solution and when hubbie came back after work friday he showed me more ways to use the tripod. I first only used the position on the picture ;).
      Lots of love from Susan

  2. Oh, the new dresses are looking great. I really love green in a dress. But unfortunately green is not colour you see a lot. I was thinking about Mia green. So I looked in the shop, but found that it has to much blue in it. Blue doesn't suit me at all. So I will wait for the rest of the collection.


    1. Oh what a shame Neeltje, Mia Green seems like a great dress. Maybe you can go and fit one in a shop which sells Tante Betsy dresses and see how it suits you. I see you live in Noord Brabant too just like Sandra, would love to have a date with you girls at Pantalone in Eindhoven.
      Lots of love from Susan


Thanks Tante Betsy girls voor jullie reacties, ik lees ze altijd met plezier :D.
Lots of love from Susan

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