vrijdag 25 september 2015

Happy Friday (and Thursday ;)) Dress

My very first real blogpost on 365 days of happy Tante Betsy dresses

Yesterday I did a fotoshoot with my selfie stick in dress Rosalie. So I have some pictures to share with you girls. 
The last couple of days I'm wearing my long sleeved models from Tante Betsy.

Autumn is here and the desire comes to wear more long sleeved models, allthough it's still possible to wear short sleeved models combined with a nice vest or a long t-shirt underneath (above I wear dress Betsy Black like that).  

At this moment I still have more short sleeved Tante Betsy dresses then long sleeved, but I'm sure this will change over time. 
Tante Betsy her new collection is coming in her webshop and in real life stores these days. 

We have all been waiting for them to arrive. 
I saw allready some pictures of them, really promising. 38 dresses shared the pictures above http://www.38dresses.nl/c-2973383/tante-betsy/
I'm sure lots of us girls have to make choices what dresses to order/to buy...
Or maybe you prefer skirts. 

I prefer dresses, I only wear dresses these days...Tante Betsy dresses mainly. That's also one of the reasons for my blog, I'm so fond of them, I love them. I'm addicted to this great Dutch brand and not because it's Dutch but because these dresses make me happy. 

Today I'm wearing dress Senorita Pink, I have been thinking of selling this one but now I'm wearing it again it still makes me feel good. 
I love polkadots, one of my favourite colours is pink :). 
Today I'm also wearing my Neosens boots, I love boots, these have a great victorian look and combined with a pink legging they are perfect together. 
I also wear a necklace I made myselves, red en pink beads combined with rose quartz beads, so some extra power :D. 

Please go and share your pictures on my Facebook page 365 days of happy Tante Betsy dresses https://www.facebook.com/365daysofhappytantebetsydresses
Petra (above together with daughter Marit) and Patricia allready shared one, thanks girls!

Lots of love from Susan

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  1. Looking good Petra, Patricia and Susan! And of course pretty little Marit!
    Allthough I love long sleeves in autumn and winter, short sleeves are great too; if you got long sleeved shirts in different colors, you can fool people and make them think that you've got (even) more dresses than you actually have.
    Combined with colorful leggings; a picture perfect!
    I'm sooo glad that I can wear my boots again... I don't wear them in the summer; too hot and itchy :-)))

    1. Hi Sandra you make me smile :). Hihi I wear boots all year, I have a whole collection...yeah I like to collect ;). But I try to buy only full leather boots so I can wear them in summertime too.
      Yess that's a new kind of thing I have to look out for...longsleeved tops. Underneathe the Betsy Black in the picture I was wearing a black long sleeved top ;).
      Isn't it great that they allready posted some pictures at Facebook, so I could share them. Lots of love from Susan

  2. Wat leuk dat je er een speciaal blog aan gaat wijden. Ik ga je ook hier volgen! warme groet,

    1. Translation of Christels comment;

      Great that you are going to have a special blog on it. I'm going to follow you over here too! Warm greetings, Christel

    2. Yeah I had the idea allready a couple of weeks on my mind, but yesterday finally made some time to start a new blog (is almost 4 years ago with my other blogs) and a Facebook page (my very first time, still have to find out how to do work it out for the best ;)).
      Lots of love from Susan


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Lots of love from Susan

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