donderdag 24 september 2015

365 days of happy Tante Betsy dresses

Hi I'm Susan and I live in the Netherlands and I'm addicted to Tante Betsy dresses.
They make me feel happy and it's also the slogan of Tante Betsy herselves 'Happiness in a dress'. 

I blog for almost 4 years on another blog and lately I'm driving everybody crazy for my love for Tante Betsy dresses, online but also in real life. 

At this moment I own 36 Tante Betsy dresses and wear every day a Tante Betsy dress, rarely I wear a different Dutch brand.
I came across this great Dutch brand only since last november 2014 and just love them. This green one was my very first :). 

But to make this blog 365 days of happy Tante Betsy dresses, I need some help from you girls to post pictures and share your love for Tante Betsy dresses with us.
Otherwise it will be pretty boring for you to only see pictures of me ;).

So girls share your pictures, maybe you allready have one wearing a Tante Betsy dress.
Make some selfies or ask somebody else to make one. 

This blog is not owned or managed by Tante Betsy herselves in any way!!
Yes that's her with some dresses of the new autumn/winter collection 2015, really soon to come :). 

This is and will be my personal blog.
So don't ask me questions about a delivery of a dress you ordered or whatever it is you need to address to Tante Betsy herselves.

Sure we (and we is you girls and I) will do our utmost to help eachother if you have questions about a certain dress. But please keep in mind that we don't have all the answers. 

It's just a way to share and show my love for Tante Betsy dresses with you girls and to make a warm and loving community where we share our love for these happy dresses. 

The blog will be in English, keep in mind that I'm Dutch, so it won't allways be perfect English.
But I also ask you girls to only post and reply in English so everybody can read what you write.
So no Dutch, Danish, German comments please or in any other language, only in English. 

I do love blogland, I call it a warm blanket... So please girls be kind, be respectfull, be gentle to eachother and only respond in positive ways.
Lets make this a happy place to visit. 

Have fun reading my blogposts, I will do my utmost to share one every day.
Share your Tante Betsy dresses pictures on Facebook,
But please also add a little bit information about yourselves or the dress and how it makes you feel, when you post a picture.
And if you want me to post it, please give me permission to use it on my blog.

Lots of love from Susan

Ps. As you have seen I have been using some of Tante Betsy her pictures, so go and visit her webshop a direct link is also on the right side of my blog.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Dear Susan, you didn't drive me mad on your other blog, but I suppose this is a great sollution for the followers on your other blog that couldn't bare it anymore :-))) but, seriously; one post everyday?? Now THAT's MAD! Whahahaa! But I'm following you now, so I'll find out first hand if you'll succeed :-)) But... I have a confession to make. Although I love dresses,
    I don't own a single Tante Betsy. Yet. I've tried one, but the model didn't suit me. But I'll try some dresses of the new collection in The lovely shop 'Pantalone'. If I buy one, you'll be the first to know. Hmmm... That can't be right. The salesgirl will kniw it first, than maybe my husband.... So you'll be the third, OK? :-)))) With love from a crazy Dutch girl (too), Sandra

    1. Oh dear Sandra I had to laugh when I was reading your message late last night :). Love your way of responding! Whahaha.
      Normally we respond in Dutch to eachother hihi, so this is a bit different.
      Oh do hope you will find a nice dress at Pantalone and maybe we can even make a date real soon to meet eachother and shop together ;).
      I wish I had a great shop like Pantalone that nearby! For me it's an hour ride with the train as you know allready.
      I actually first bought some second hand to see how they fitted me, because I can only buy Tante Betsy dresses online at Tante Betsy her webshop. Sure you can send them back when the size is wrong, but I have had a bad experience with that one day with another not with the webshop...but my package got lost in the mail :(.

      Oh it's time for me to get up and get ready for work.
      Dear girls keep in mind I have a private life, so can't allways respond in the way I do now to Sandra. But love the interaction.

      Big hug for you Sandra and I will try to succeed, this is not really a 365 days project like my other one was. But still will try to post each day a blogpost ;). Lots of love from Susan

  2. Leuk leuk leuk! (Nice, nic, nice!)
    Mijn Engels is niet zo goed dus ik reageer toch maar in het Nederlands.
    Heerlijk om jou te zien in al die fleurige jurkjes. Jij maakt de wereld een stukje blijer! XX Esther

    1. Translation from Pippa's Hus...
      My English is not so good so I will respond in Dutch. Great to see you in all these flowerfull dresses. You make the world a bit happier! XX Esther.

    2. Oh but now I've seen you wearing a Tante Betsy dress, Happy are helping me to make the world also a bit happier ;).
      The dress looks great on you, you rock! So I think from now on you maybe get addicted too...whahaha. Lots of love from Susan

  3. Though I haven't bought any Tante Betsy's, you certainly inspired me to buy other dresses! I was on a 'dress diet', but no more. :) Will write a blog about my new finds soon. Love the green/purple dress the Tante Betsy lady holds, btw... Enjoy your Sunday!

    1. Hihi great to hear Mirjam, maybe one day you will see a Tante Betsy dress where you fall in love with. That cutie which Tante Betsy herself is holding is coming next spring...I love it too and I definitely want it whahaha. It's by the way black with beautiful colours, birds... Big hugs!


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Lots of love from Susan

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