dinsdag 29 september 2015

Dress Red Tuesday

Today it's Dress Red Day...Dress Red Tuesday on this blog ;).
It's a special day to give attention and get more awareness to heart and vane deceases amongst women in the Netherlands. 

I had a young stroke when I was 38 years old, now 10 years ago and I always try to wear something red on this special day. It's also about the same date as I had my stroke (26/27th of September). 
You can read about it on my other blog 365 dagen creatief;

I love Red, it's one of my favourite colours next to Orange and Pink. 
So it's a great day to wear one of my favourite Tante Betsy dresses. 
Patricia shared her picture wearing the same Tante Betsy dress, as you can see, she made the dress a bit longer. 

But I'm waiting for my newest Tante Betsy dress to arrive, Bibi Red, oh so looking forward to it...so excited...I actually need to get out of the house to do some grocery shopping but don't want the miss out on the delivery/package man whahaha. 
Above a picture of Tante Betsy herself in dress Betsy Red :). 

But that's okay, I took my rest and relaxed in the sunshine on our terrace in the garden, it's a beautifull sunny day in the Netherlands. 
This great picture above is from Inger-Margrethe, she shared it with me. I love this one <3. 

But also have been searching on Instagram for pics of happy Tante Betsy dresses. 
Yess I have an Instagram account now; https://instagram.com/365happytantebetsydresses/
if you have Instagram and you have Tante Betsy pictures to share, just tag me ;). 

Love her way of making pictures...some great shoes as well :D. 

Thumbs up from Esther/Espiratie

Because of me driving everybody crazy with my Tante Betsy dresses addiction on my other blog, Tante Betsy is now also Esther her favourite brand :).

Oh looks so good on you the Betsy Red <3

The Tante Betsy pictures I share in this blogpost, are all accepted by the girls who shared it on their Instagram account or at the Facebook page 365 days of happy Tante Betsy dresses. 

Oh finally the Tante Betsy dresses arrived, yess dresses...
I love the Bibi Red the most, the print is looking so much better in real life, love it, this is definitely going to be one of my favourites. http://www.tantebetsy.com/nl/dress-bibi-red.html

I also received the Mia Red which is also beautiful, but I think a wide neckline is looking better on me. But Petra loved this one much more and thinks it slims me down more ;). 
To be honest I held my breath...whahaha, they are size Large and allthough I lost some weight, maybe an XL suits me better...not sure yet. http://www.tantebetsy.com/nl/dress-mia-red.html

Lots of love from Susan

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  1. Reacties
    1. Yeahh looking good isn't all those picturess of women (and you...thank you for that :)) wearing A red Tante Betay dress. Big hugs to you!

  2. Love to see the red dresses on the tante betsyfans.:-)
    And your new dresses look lovely , ik like the color also.
    Today i have got the skirt geo daisy green and he is so cute.
    Hugs from Patricia

    1. Yeah love it too all those happy pictures but also some really great other pictures like the tumbs up from Esther and the Danish woman with some great legs :D.
      Oh the Geo Daisy print is also a great print (hopefully it comes back in some great dresses :)) and love the 'love the forrest' print too ;).
      Looking forward to a picture of you in your skirt and you don't have to go full body if you don't want to ;). Big hugs!

  3. You can see at my replies that I'm awake in the middle of the night. Just read my old blogposts again about my stroke (yess they are in Dutch but maybe you can read them in your own language, there is a translation button in the menu on the right side) and still have the fatigue and concentration problems...but taking good care of myself. And like today I have a day off and will take my rest ;). Big hugs to you girls!


Thanks Tante Betsy girls voor jullie reacties, ik lees ze altijd met plezier :D.
Lots of love from Susan

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