zondag 27 september 2015

Flea market Sunday

Today it was flea market time.
First on our way in our Classic Mini Cooper to Germany to a 'trödelmarkt' in Aachen, where they sell new and used goods. 
By the way this Mini isn't ours but it suited my dress ;). 

I felt like putting on my dress Holiday today, love this dress, it makes me feel like if I'm on holiday in Austria again. 
I've been on holiday in Austria as a little child and we have been picking and eating strawberries in the woods. 
So this dress brings back great memories. 
Thank you dear Tante Betsy for designing such a great dress!

I also took along my blue Tante Betsy vest, I love them! 
I have three of these vests, a pink one and a black one. Hope to score a green one because I'm really fond of them. 

After our visit to Aachen, we went to Neerbeek where there was a garage sale throughout the whole village. 
Bought myself a pair of full leather cowboy boots from the brand Frida for just a couple of euro's. 
I still need a pink pair of leather boots so hope I can paint them pink ;). Will ask a leather specialist if he can help me out or search on the internet for pink leather paint. 

After that we visited friends, they were on their way to a pumpkin market, so we went along...
That huge pumpkin went back home with our friends ;). 
And you can see a pair of sneakers can be worn underneath a dress, I love the Asics sneakers.

Dear girls would love to see pictures of you in Red Tante Betsy dresses. Tuesday it's Dress Red Day (will tell more about it on tuesday) in the Netherlands and would love to share pictures of you wearing a Red Tante Betsy dress or outfit!
Share them on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/365daysofhappytantebetsydresses Thanks :D. 

Lots of love from Susan

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een gezellige dag heb je gehad en wat een koopje die cowboyboots!
    Pik je mijn foto zelf van mijn blog of zal ik je hem sturen? XX Esther

    1. First the translation of Esthers comment ;).
      Wat a great day you had and what a bargain those cowboyboots!
      Are you going to grap my picture yourself from my blog or will I send it to you? XX Esther

    2. Yeah it was a great buy those cowboyboots, they are bit to chique for me but hope that with some pink leather paint I can pimp them really nice and have lots of fun from them.
      About the picture question, I allready send an email ;). Big hug from Susan


Thanks Tante Betsy girls voor jullie reacties, ik lees ze altijd met plezier :D.
Lots of love from Susan

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